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Name Biography
Cynthia Alby
Ryan Aquino
Justin Baker
Gabrielle Banzon Gabrielle is a multi-talented performer and instructor, able to offer private lessons for beginners on guitar, piano and saxophone. With over six years of experience in music ministry, she has worked with musicians of all ages. She can readily assess your level of playing ability to create a lesson plan specifically for your individual learning needs.    

Steve Barsby
Nolan Belcher
Kenneth Bellamy
Angela Criscoe
Lindsey Desantis
Valerie Dixon
Continuing Education
Ruth Eilers
Ellie Fruit
Jamie Grodecki
Baseball Instructor
Dance Instructor
Natalie King
Jack Marchant
Heidi Mead
Cathleen O'Neal
Amelia Pelton
Connie Prezioso
Jacob Ryals
Kids' University Kids' University instructors have all been chosen because of their special interest in today's youth. Their enthusiasm is what makes Kids' University a wonderful experience. Licensed teachers, recent graduates, community professionals, and university students combine their experience, talents and personalitites to make a unique experience each year. All of the teachers have passed a comprehensive background check and are first aid and CPR trained. Certified lifeguards and your child's teachers are always present during their time at the pool.
Angie Woodham